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  1.Patricia stared at the other girls with resentment.

  A.anger  B.doubt  C.love  D.surprise

  2.The document was compiled by the Department of Health.

  A.written  B.printed  C.attached  D.sent

  3.He's spent years cultivating a knowledge of art.

  A.sharing  B.using  C.denying  D.developing

  4.We've seen a marked shift in our approach to the social issues.

  A.clear  B.regular  C.quick  D.great

  5.Her father was a quiet man with graceful manners.

  A.polite  B.similar  C.usual  D.bad

  6.I want to provide my boys with a decent education.

  A.good  B.special  C.private  D.general

  7.In the process,the light energy converts to heat energy.

  A.changes  B.reduces  C.leaves  D.drops

  8.Many cities have restricted smoking in public places.

  A.limited  B.allowed  C.stopped  D.kept

  9. What are my chances of promotion if I stay here?

  A.retirement  B.advertisement  C.advancement  D.replacement

  10.If we leave now,we should miss the traffic.

  A.direct  B.stop  C.mix  D.avoid

  11.There was a profound silence after his remark.

  A.proud  B.short  C.sudden  D.deep

  12.I enjoyed the play it had a clever plot and funny dialogues.

  A.long  B.boring  C.original  D.humorous

  13.The thief was finally captured two miles away from the village.

  A.caught  B.killed  C.found  D.jailed

  14.Such a database would be extremely costly to set up.

  A.transfer  B.destroy  C.establish  D.update

  15.The two banks have announced plans to merge next year.

  A.combine  B.sell  C.close  D.break



  New Product Will Save Lives

  Drinking water that looks clean may still contain bugs(虫子) ,which can cause illness. A small company called Genera Technologies has produced a testing method in three stages, which shows whether water is safe. The new test shows if water needs chemicals added to it, to destroy anything harmful. It was invented by scientist Dr. Adrian Parton, who started Genera five years ago. He and his employees have developed the test together with a British water company.

  Andy Headland, Genera's marketing director, recently presented the test at a conference in the USA and forecast good American sales for it. Genera has already sold 11 of its tests at $ 42,500 a time in the UK and has a further four on order. It expects to sell another 25 tests before the end of March. The company says it is the only test in the UK to be approved by the government. Genera was formed five years ago and until October last year had only five employees;it now employs 14. Mr.Headland believes that the company should make around $19 million by the end of the year in the UK alone.

  16 Genera Technologies has developed a method that determines whether water is clean.

  A Right

  B Wrong

  C Not mentioned

  17 Before he set up Genera, Dr Parton had worked for a British water company.

  A Right

  B Wrong

  C Not mentioned

  18 The new product has been a commercial success in the USA.

  A Right

  B Wrong

  C Not mentioned

  19 Each of the tests costs $42,500.

  A Right

  B Wrong

  C Not mentioned

  20 Genera Technologies orders 25 more tests before the end of the year.

  A Right

  B Wrong

  C Not mentioned

  21 The British government is helping Dr Parton to sell the tests abroad.

  A Right

  B Wrong

  C Not mentioned

  22 Genera has increased the number of its employees recently.

  A Right

  B Wrong

  C Not mentioned[page]




  1 In 1868 Americans welcomed Alaska into the union   as the 49th state, symbolizing a change of attitude from that held in 1867 ,when the peninsula was purchased from Russia. Then, most Americans had little interest in 1,500,000 square kilometers “of icebergs and polar bears”—beyond Canada's western borders, far from the settled areas of the United States.

  2 In those sections of the state which lie above the Arctic Circle, Alaska still is a land of icebergs and polar bears. Ice masses lie buried in the earth, which is permanently frozen to a depth of 90 or more meters. From early May until early August, the midnight sun never sets on this flat, treeless region, but the sun cannot melt the icy soil more than two-thirds of a meter down.

  3 Alaska is America's largest state, but only about 325,000 people live there. According to estimates, 800,000 hectares of its land area are fit for plowing but only about 640,000 hectares are being cultivated.

  4 Arctic Alaska has been the home of Eskimos for countless centuries. It is believed that the Eskimos moved there from Mongolia or Siberia, probably crossing Bering Strait, named for Vitus Bering, the Danish sea captain who discovered Alaska on his voyage for Russia in 1741. The Eskimos are the state's earliest known inhabitants. Russian fur traders established settlements but, by the time Alaska was sold to the United States, most of the traders had departed.

  5 In 1896 gold was discovered near the Klondike River in Canada just across the Alaskan border. Thousands of Americans rushed to the region on their way to Klondike; some never returned. Alaska was never completely cut off again, although even today transportation is a major problem. There are only two motor routes from the U. S. mainland, and within the state, every town has its own airfield. Planes fly passengers, mail and freight to the most distant villages.

  6 The gold that changed life so suddenly for Alaska was soon ended, and although many stories about mining camps have become part of American literature, the gold from Alaskan earth contributed less to economic progress than the fish from Alaskan waters. The fish caught in a single year range in value from $ 80 million to $ 90 million. Fur-bearing animals are plentiful in the forests and streams, and valuable fur seals inhabit the waters. After fishing, the state's chief industry is lumber and the production of wood pulp. In recent years, Alaska's single most important resource has become oil. The state also has large deposits of coal, copper, gold and other minerals.

  23 Paragraph 3 _________

  24 Paragraph 4 _________

  25 Paragraph 5 _________

  26 Paragraph 6 _________ A Rich resources of the state

  B Connections with the outside world

  C Transportation problem

  D The natives of the land

  E Cold climate

  F Land and population

  27 For as long as three months of a year, the sun _________on the ice-covered land of Alaska.

  28 According to statistics, _________of the total area of Alaska has been used for farming.

  29 Alaska was originally part of Russia, but was bought _________

  30 Gold did not bring to Alaska as much wealth _________ A as fish does

  B because of its rich natural resources

  C by the United States in the 19th century

  D shines day and night

  E only a very small percentage

  F a limited amount of the gold found there



  Newspapers often tell us of floods in some parts of the United States.

  Nearly every year on the great central drainages heavy rains and melting snow cause the waters to pour out the mountains and plains, to turn brooks into torrents, and to swell quiet streams into wild uncontrolled rivers. From Cairo to New Orleans, and from Pittsburgh to Paducah, the cry "River rising!" is a familiar yet fearful voice. . . When the rivers sometimes become too high or too swift to be controlled communities are flooded, families flee from their homes, croplands are washed out, and transportation comes to a halt. Hunger, disease, and death follow the wild waters.

  Although given less publicity, the agricultural damage done by the many smaller, more frequent floods usually far exceeds the losses caused by the very grand ones. In the Central States, ditches and drains cause the flows from spring rains and melting snow to run far more rapidly than in the days before white men settled on the land. Once, excess spring flood waters emptied into lakes and swampy lands, there to be detained for slow release into stream and rivers. Now, systematic drainage has actually eliminated these natural reservoirs.

  In the more rolling sections of the East, spring runoff was formerly absorbed and held temporarily in the porous soils beneath the unbroken expanse of forest. When large areas were converted to farm use, removal of the forest and the practice of up-and-down hill plowing deprived the soils of much of their ability to catch and store water.

  The effects of eliminating the natural forest cover are shown in the gullied farm lands and widened stream channels found in some densely settled areas. Partly because the stream channels are more or less filled with material washed down from the uplands, and partly because storm runoff has increased, the channels are today no longer able to carry all the flow from heavy rains. This explains why the streams overtop banks far more often than in the days before settlement.

  31. The best title for the selection would be______.

  A. River Rising! River Rising!

  B. Forests and Floods

  C. Flooding in the U. S.

  D. The Results of Flooding

  32. All of the following cause floods EXCEPT______.

  A. heavy rain

  B. melting snow

  C. increasing storm runoff

  D. porous soil

  33. The author states that______.

  A. lakes and swamps once acted like natural reservoirs

  B. up-and-down hill plowing catches and stores water

  C. stream channels are the best carriers of water

  D. floods are easily prevented and controlled

  34. According to the selection, streams overtop their banks partly because______.

  A. material from higher land is washed into them

  B. ditches and drains lead into them

  C. rivers become too swift

  D. snow melts more rapidly nowadays

  35. The floods which are given most publicity______.

  A. cause no damage

  B. cause the most damage

  C. cause less agricultural damage than the many smaller, more frequent floods

  D. far exceed the smaller, more frequent floods in agricultural loss

  Mobile Phone and Diseases

  A study by scientists in Finland has found that mobile phone radiation can cause changes in human cells that might affect the brain, the leader of the research team said.

  But Darius Leszczynski, who headed the 2-year study and will present findings next week at a conference in Quebec(魁北克), said more research was needed to determine the seriousness of the changes and their impact on the brain or the body.

  The study at Finland's Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority found that exposure to radiation from mobile phones can cause increased activity in hundreds of proteins in human cells grown in a laboratory, he said.

  “We know that there is some biological response. We can detect it with our very sensitive approaches, but we do not know whether it can have any physiological effects on the human brain or human body,” Leszczynski said.

  Nonetheless the study, the initial findings of which were published last month in the scientific journal Differentiation, raises new questions about whether mobile phone radiation can weaken the brain's protective shield against harmful substances.

  The study focused on changes in cells that line blood vessels and on whether such changes could weaken the functioning of the blood-brain barrier, which prevents potentially harmful substances from entering the brain from the bloodstream, Leszczynski said.

  The study found that a protein called hsp27 linked to the functioning of the blood-brain barrier showed increased activity due to irradiation and pointed to a possibility that such activity could make the shield more permeable(能透过的), he said.

  “Increased protein activity might cause cells to shrink—not the blood vessels but the cells themselves—and then tiny gaps could appear between those cells through which some molecules could pass. ” he said.

  Leszczynski declined to speculate on what kind of health risks that could pose, but said a French study indicated that headache, fatigue and sleep disorders could result.

  “These are not life-threatening problems but can cause a lot of discomfort,” he said, adding that a Swedish group had also suggested a possible link with Alzheimer's disease.

  “Where the truth is do not know,” he said.

  Leszczynski said that he, his wife and children use mobile phones, and he said that he did not think his study suggested any need for new restrictions on mobile phone use.

  36 According to Leszczynski, how does mobile phone affect one's health? _________

  A Mobile phone radiation can increase protein activities and such activities can make the protective shield more permeable.

  B Mobile phone radiation can shrink the blood vessels and prevent blood from flowing smoothly.

  C Mobile phone radiation will bring stress to people exposed to it.

  D Mobile phone radiation kills blood cells at a rapid speed.

  37 What's the result of the French study? _________

  A The harm of mobile phone radiation is life-threatening.

  B Mobile phone may affect one's normal way of thinking.

  C Sleep disorders could result from mobile phone radiation.

  D A protein called hsp27 is killed by mobile phone radiation.

  38 What kind of disease is not caused by the use of mobile phone? _________

  A Fatigue.

  B Headache.

  C Alzheimer's disease.

  D Tuberculosis.

  39 According to the passage, what would be the future of the use of mobile phone? _________

  A People will be forbidden to use mobile phone.

  B People dare not use mobile phone because of its radiation.

  C People will continue to use mobile phone.

  D There will be new restrictions on the use of mobile phone.

  40 Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? _________

  A The research in Finland found that mobile phone radiation will affect one's brain.

  B Mobile phone radiation can cause increased activity in hundreds of protein in human cells.

  C Increased protein activity might cause cells to shrink.

  D Lszczynski forbid his wife and children to use mobile phone after his research.

  Electronic Mail (E-mail)

  During the past few years, scientists the world over have suddenly found themselves productively engaged in task they once spent their lives avoiding-writing, any kind of writing, but particularly letter writing. Encouraged by electronic mail's surprisingly high speed, convenience and economy, people who never before touched the stuff are regularly, skillfully, even cheerfully tapping out a great deal of correspondence.

  Electronic networks, woven into the fabric of scientific communication these days, are the route to colleagues in distant countries, shared data, bulletin boards and electronic journals. Anyone with a personal computer, a modem and the software to link computers over telephone lines can sign on. An estimated five million scientists have done so with more joining every day, most of them communicating through a bundle of interconnected domestic and foreign routes known collectively as the Internet, or net.

  E-mail is starting to edge out the fax, the telephone, overnight mail, and of course, land mail. It shrinks time and distance between scientific collaborators, in part because it is conveniently asynchronous (writers can type while their colleagues across time zones sleep; their message will be waiting). If it is not yet speeding discoveries, it is certainly accelerating communication.

  Jeremy Bernstei, the physicist and science writer, once called E-mail the physicist's umbilical cord. Lately other people, too, have been discovering its connective virtues. Physicists are using it; college students are using it, everybody is using it, and as a sign that it has come of age, the New Yorker has celebrated its liberating presence with a cartoon-an appreciative dog seated at a keyboard, saying happily, “On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog.”

  41 The reasons given below about the popularity of E-mail can be found in the passage EXCEPT __________.

  A direct and reliable

  B time-saving in delivery

  C money-saving

  D available at any time

  42 How is the Internet or net explained in the passage? __________

  A Electronic routes used to read home and international journals.

  B Electronic routes used to fax or correspond overnight.

  C Electronic routes waiting for correspondence while one is sleeping.

  D Electronic routes connected among millions of users, home and abroad.

  43 What does the sentence “If it is not yet speeding discoveries, it is certainly accelerating communication” most probably mean? __________

  A The quick speed of correspondence may have ill-effects on discoveries.

  B Although it does not speed up correspondence, it helps make discoveries.

  C It quickens mutual communication even if it does not accelerate discoveries.

  D It shrinks time for communication and accelerates discoveries.

  44 What does the sentence “On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog.”imply in the last paragraph? __________

  A Even dogs are interested in the computer.

  B E-mail has become very popular.

  C Dogs are liberated from their usual duties.

  D E-mail deprives dogs of their owners' love.

  45 What will happen to fax, land mail, overnight mail, etc. according to the writer? __________

  A Their functions cannot be replaced by E-mail.

  B They will co-exist with E-mail for a long time.

  C Less and less people will use them.

  D They will play a supplementary function to E-mail.[page]



  Conservation or Wasted Effort?

  The black robin (旅鸫) is one of the world's rarest birds. It is a small, wild bird, and it lives only on the island of Little Mangere, off the coast of New Zealand. In 1967 there were about fifty black robins there; in 1977 there were fewer than ten.46

  Energetic steps are being taken to preserve the black robin. 47 The idea is to buy an-other island nearby as a special home, a “reserve”, for threatened wild life, including black robins. The organizers say that Little Mangere should then be restocked (重新准备) with the robin's food. Thousands of the required plants are at present being cultivated in New Zealand.

  Is all this concern a waste of human effort? 48 Are we losing our sense of what is reasonable and what is unreasonable?

  In the earth's long, long past hundreds of kinds of creatures have evolved, risen to a degree of success and died out. In the long, long future there will be many new and different forms of life. Those creatures that adapt themselves successfully to what the earth offers will survive for a long time.49 This is nature's proven method of operation.

  The rule of selection “the survival of the fittest” is the one by which human beings have themselves arrived on the scene. We, being one of the most adaptable creatures the earth has yet produced, may last longer than most, 50 You may take it as another rule that when, at last, human beings show signs of dying out, no other creature will extend a paw (爪) to postpone our departure. On the contrary, we will be hurried out.

  Life seems to have grown too tough for black robins. I leave you to judge whether we should try to do anything about it.

  A  Some creatures, certain small animals, insects and birds, will almost certainly outlast (比……长久)man, for they seem even more adaptable.

  B Those that fail to meet the challenges will disappear early.

  C Detailed studies are going on, and a public appeal for money has been made.

  D Both represent orders in the classification of life.

  E Is it any business of ours whether the black robin survives or dies out?

  F These are the only black robins left in the world.



  China to Help Europe Develop GPS Rival

  China is to contribute to a new global satellite navigation system being developed by European nations. The Galileo satellite system 51 a more accurate civilian alternative to the Global Positioning System(GPS), operated by the US military. China will provide 230m Euros (USD259m) in 52 and will cooperate with technical, manufacturing and market development. “China will help Galileo to 53 the major world infrastructure for the growing market for location services,” said Loyola de Palacio, EU transport commissioner. A new center that will coordinate co-operation was also announced 54 the European Commission, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology not long 55 The China-Europe Global Navigation Satellite System Technical Training and Cooperation Center will be 56 at Beijing University. China has a substantial satellite launch industry and could potentially help launch the Galileo satellites.

  The US has claimed that Galileo could interfere 57 the US ability to downgrade the GPS service during military conflicts. European officials say this is unfounded and counter that US opposition 58 the commercial challenge Galileo would present to GPS. Galileo will be precise to within a meter, while the civilian GPS service is accurate to around 10 meters.

  The Galileo satellite constellation will 59 27 operational and three reserve satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 23,600km. The satellites will be strung along three medium-Earth orbits at 56 degrees inclination to the equator and will provide global coverage. The system should be operational by 2008 and the entire project is expected to 60 around 3.2 billion Euros (USD3.6 billion).

  The European Commission has said Galileo will primarily be used for transportation technology, scientific research, land management and disaster monitoring.

  Galileo will provide two signals: a standard civilian one and in encrypted, wide-band signal 61 the Public Regulated Service (PRS). This second signal is designed to withstand localized jamming and will be used by police and military services in Europe. European Commission 62 have said China will not be given access to the PRS.

  The first Galileo satellite is scheduled to launch late in 2004. Clocks on board 63 will be synchronized through 20 ground sensors stations, two command centers and 15 uplink stations.

  Receivers on the ground will use time signals from the satellites to precisely calculate their 64 A “search and rescue” function will also 65 distress signals be relayed through the constellation of satellites.


  A offer

  B offered

  C will offer

  D has offered


  A funding

  B providing

  C paying

  D charging


  A build

  B use

  C become

  D do


  A in

  B at

  C on

  D by


  A before

  B ago

  C after

  D later


  A found

  B produced

  C positioned

  D located


  A with

  B for

  C about

  D above


  A results in

  B gives rise to

  C is due to

  D causes


  A be made from

  B consist of

  C consist in

  D be consisted of


  A spend

  B gain

  C give

  D cost


  A offered

  B called

  C used

  D turned


  A officials

  B countries

  C organization

  D agreement


  A satellite

  B the satellite

  C the satellites

  D satellites


  A speed

  B direction

  C distance

  D location


  A send

  B let

  C allow

  D transmit[page]

  1.A [解析]Patricia生气的瞪着其他的女孩。resentment愤恨。如:He shows no resentment to anyone.他不怨恨任何人。anger愤怒。最符合题意。如:I cannot control mY anger.我无法控制自己的愤怒。doubt怀疑。如:There is no doubt that we will be successful.毫无疑问我们会成功。love爱。如:Love conquers all.爱能战胜一切。surprise惊奇。如:What a pleasant surprise thing!多惊喜的事情呀!

  2.A [解析]这一文件由卫生部拟写。compile编辑、编写。如:compile an encvclopedia编辑一本百科全书。write写。最符合题目。如:He has written many books.他写过很多书。print印刷。如:print the final copy of your essay打印作文的终稿。attach系,贴。如:attach a label to the product给商品贴上商标。send送。如:He sent her some flowers.他给她送了些花。

  3.D [解析]他花费多年培养对艺术的学识。cultivate培养。如:I wiu cultivate the habit of laughter.我要培养笑的习惯。share分享。如:We used to share everything.我们曾经分享一切。use使用。如:use your mind动动脑子。deny否定。如:Can you deny the truth of his statement?你能否认他的声明的真实性吗?develop发展。最符合题意。如:develop a love for music培养对音乐的喜爱。

  4.A [解析]在解决这些社会问题上我们看到了明显的转变。marked明显的。如:marked increases明显的增长。clear清晰的。最符合题意。如:a clear explanation清晰的解释。regular规律的。如:regular heartbeats规律的心跳。quick迅速的。如:a quick answer迅速的回答。great伟大的。如:a great career伟大的事业。

  5.A [解析]她的父亲话语不多,举止优雅。graceful优雅的。如:The dancer was light and graceful.舞者的舞姿轻盈优美。polite有礼貌的。最符合题意。如:a polite behavior有礼貌的行为。similar类似的。如:a word or phrase of similar meaning意义相近的词或词组。usual通常的。如:His speech followed the usual pattern.他按照通常的方式讲话。bad坏的。如:a bad habit坏习惯。

  6.A[解析]我想给儿子们提供体面的教育。decent体面的。如:decent clothes体面的服装。good好的。最符合题意。如:good environment良好的环境。special特别的。如:This is a special occasion.这是一个特殊的场合。private隐私的。如:Fans are always curious about the singer's private life。歌迷总对歌星的私人生活感兴趣。general普遍的。如:the general readers一般的读者。

  7. A[解析]在这个过程中,光能会转换成热能。convert转换。如:convert iron to steel变铁为钢。change改变。最符合题意。如:change from an empty space to a busy area从空地变为繁华地区。reduce减少。如:reduce the consumption offuel减少燃料消耗。leave留下。如:He left the book on the desk.他把书留在桌上。drop掉落。如:A bottle dropped on the floor and smashed.瓶子落地摔碎了。

  8. A[解析]许多城市限制在公共场合抽烟。restrict限制。如:The trees restrict our view.这些树局限了我们的视野。limit限制。最符合题意。如:He must limit the number of cigarettes he smokes.他必须限制抽烟的数目。allow允许。如:Please allow me to express my warm welcome to our guests.请允许我向来客表示热烈的欢迎。stop停止。如:Stop talking.别说话。keep保持。如:keep silence保持沉默。

  9. C[解析]如果我留下,能有多大可能得到提拔?promotion升职。如:May I offer my congratulations on your promotion?请允许我为您的晋升向您道贺。retirement退休。如:Your retirement is really a great disappointment to me.您退休了,真是令我非常失望。advertisement广告。如:This advertisement will capture the attention of TV audiences.这广告将引起电视观众的注意。advancement晋升。最符合题意。如:His advancement to the position of manager was greeted with enthusiasm.他被提升为经理,大家都为之欢呼。replacement代替。如:They have got a replacement for him.他们把他替换下来。

  10.D[解析]如果现在出发就能避免交通高峰。miss错过。如:I missed breakfast this morning.今早我错过了吃早饭。direct指挥。如:She directed the planning of the festival.她统管节日安排。stop停止。如:Stop talking.别说话。mix混合。如:Mix water and flour.将水和面粉混合。avoid避免。最符合题意。如:Avoid making any noise.避免制造任何噪音。

  11.D[解析]他讲完后有一阵意味深长的沉默。profound意义深远的。如:What she has to say is very profound.她说的话很有意义。proud骄傲的。如:a proud winner骄傲的胜利者。short短暂的。如:a short journey短暂的旅行。sudden突然的。如:a sudden attack突袭。deep深刻的。最符合题意。如:a deep impression深刻的印象。

  12.D[解析]我喜欢这出戏,它有巧妙的情节和风趣的对话。funny有趣的。如:a funny story有趣的故事。long长的。如:long hair长发。boring枯燥的。如:a boring person无聊的人。original最初的。如:Stick to the original plan.坚持原计划。humorous幽默的。最符合题意。如:The film is humorous and moving.这部电影风趣又动人。

  13.A [解析]贼最终在距村子两英里的地方被抓住。capture捕获。如:capture territories by force of arms争城夺地。catch抓住。最符合题意。如:Early birds catch worms.早起的鸟儿有虫吃。kill杀害。如:He was killed in a car accident.他丧命于一场车祸。find发现。如:Have you found your key?找到钥匙了么?jail监禁。如:He was jailed last month.他上月被监禁。

  14.C [解析]建立这样的数据库成本会非常高。set up建立。如:set up an organization成立一个组织。transfer转移。如:He was transfefred to another department.他调到另一个部门了。destroy破坏。如:The houses were des~oyed in an earthquake.房屋在地震中毁坏。establish成立。最符合题意。如:His grandfather established the family business in 1920.他的祖父在1920年成立了这个家族企业。update更新。如:Have you updated the statistics in the report?你把报告中的数据更新了么?

  15.A [解析]两家银行已宣布了明年合并的计划。merge联合。如:Rover is to merge with the BMW.罗佛要和宝马公司合并。combine合并。最符合题意。如:combine theories with practical exI)eriences将实践经验和理论相结合。sell出售。如:How can you seU sueh an old car?t你怎样能将这辆老车卖出去?close关闭。如:Close the door please.请关门。break打碎。如.break a vase打破花瓶。

  16 A本题的意思是:Genera技术公司研制出一种方法,这种方法可以确定水是否是清洁的。题句的意思与原文第二句相符,故选A。

  17 C本题的意思是:在成立Genera公司之前,Parton曾在一家英国水厂工作。原文中并没有提到公司成立前Parton是否在一家英国水厂工作,故选C。

  18 B本题可译为:这种新产品在美国获得了商业上的巨大成功。原文的意思是预计该产品在美国会卖得很好,还没在美国上市呢。本题句的意思与原文不符,故选B。

  19 A本题可译为:这种测试产品每件售价42 500美元。同原文意思相符,故选A。

  20 B本题可译为:年底前,Genera公司又订购了25件这种测试产品。Genera公司本身是卖这种测试产品的,不是它又订购了25件这种产品。与原文意思相反,故选B。

  21 C本题的意思是:英国政府正帮助Parton销售这种产品。原文根本没有提到这一信息,故选C。

  22 A本题可译为:最近,Genera的雇员增加了。见原文最后一段,原来公司里有5位雇员,现在增加到14位,故选A。

  23 F这段虽不长,但提供了一些有关阿拉斯加面积和人口的数字。

  24 D本段介绍了爱斯基摩人最早是怎样来到阿拉斯加并成为这片土地永久的居民的。

  25 C这一段的开始虽然谈了淘金热的情况,但主要讲的还是阿拉斯加和外界的联系,以及它的不那么方便的交通情况。

  26 A这段介绍了阿拉斯加的几种主要的自然资源,包括鱼类、木材、丧皮、石油等。

  27 D本句中缺少谓语动词,在所给的六个选项中只有shines是单数第三人称的动词,后面所跟的状语day and night符合文中内容:the midnight SLln never sets。

  28 E本句的主语不完整,of前面缺少一个名词短语,从内容上看应填入E。

  29 C but后面的被动语态的句子使我们很自然就想到或许应该有一个by短语。

  30 A句中出现as much wealth,后面很可能还会有一个as引导的句子,否则比较的意潮完整。

  31. C 3 2. D 3 3. A 3 4. A 35. C

  36 A文章论述的是手机导致人体细胞变化,所以从“The study found that a protein called hsp27 linked to the functioning of the blood—brain barrier showed increased activity due to irradiation and pointed to a possibility that such activity could make the shield more permeable(能透过的)”可以判断答案是A。

  37 C从倒数第三段的末尾句可以看出,法国的研究成果是手机辐射是失眠、头痛等毛病的原因。选项中提到的是其中一条。

  38 D从文章内容上看,手机导致的疾病有好几种,但都是与头脑有关。用排除法可排除Tu—berculosis。

  39 C从最后研究人员的几句话可以判断手机影响程度到底如何还不知道,而且提到研究人员自己以及其家人还在用手机,可推测手机的使用不会因为这些还不确切的科学发现而停止。

  40 D此题用排除法比较容易解决。文章最后提到Leszczynski自己、家人都在用手机,没有任何迹象表明他禁止他们用手机,所以答案是D。

  41 A 42 D 43 C 44 B 45 C

  46 F这篇文章的主题是保护珍稀物种。文章第一段讲到,离新西兰不远的一座岛上生活着一些黑旅鸫,这些鸟已经不多了,1967年时还有50多 只,1977年的时候还剩不到10只。选项F的意思是:这是世界上仅存的黑旅鸫了。逻辑上讲,这两句话的意思是讲得通的,these就指前面的black robins,故答案为F。

  47 C第二段第一句说,人们正采取一些积极的办法来保护这种鸟类。采取什么办法呢?选项C说,一方面详细的研究工作正在进行,另一方面人们已经募集了许多钱来从事保护工作。选项C正是对本段第一句的说明或解释,故选项C为正确答案。

  48 E选项E是一个问句,第三段中的第一句和最后一句也是问句。根据这个线索我们也可以做出正确选择。选项E的意思是说,黑旅鸫消失或是保存下来关我们什么事吗?把它放到原文中去,意思连起来顺畅,故选E。

  49 B文章第四段主要在谈地球上的万物都遵循优胜劣汰,适者生存的规律。选项B就是这个意思。注意这里的“those”指代的是those creatures。

  50 A这一段还在谈适者生存的规律,其中提到地球上的人类可能比某些物种存活的长久,选项A则说的是,有些物种(一些小动物、昆虫或鸟类)却比人存活的更久。此旬意思可以和前面的意思连得上,所以选A


  51 C该段主要是说,中国将帮助欧洲建立一个全球卫星导航系统。因此,作者整段使用了将来时。

  52 A fund的意思是:to furnish a fund for(为……提供资金)。该句说,中国将提供二亿三千万欧元(二亿五千九百万美元)的资金。C和D在意思上不符合段意。

  53 C A是错误的选项,因为伽利略(人造卫星)本身就是the major world infrastructure for the growing market for location services。B和D与句意不符。

  54  D was also announced是被动语态,其后是动作的执行者the European Commission, the European Space Agency(ESA)和the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology,所以应选择D。

  55 B这个句子的动词was also announced是过去时,句子的意思是说,前不久,欧洲贸易委员会、欧洲航天局和中国科技部宣布成立一个新的中心,来协调合作事宜。因此,B是正确选 项。A是错误选项,因为,虽然before也有与ago相同的意思,但是在用法上不一样,before与过去完成时一起使用。

  56 D整个句子的意思是说该中心将设在北京大学内。be located at(或in)是正确搭配。

  57 A interfere with是固定搭配,在这里的意思是:妨碍,干扰。

  58 C这个句子说,美国对伽利略(人造卫星)持反对态度,是由于伽利略(人造卫星)对全嘲定位系统在商业上具有挑战性。选项A、B和D的意思都是“导致”,所以不符合句意。Be due to的意思是“由于”或“由……造成”。

  59  B这个句子告诉我们伽利略人造卫星群由27个运作卫星和3个储备卫星构成。B是“由……构成”的意思。选项A的be made from是“由……材料制造”的意思。选项C的consist in是“在于”或“存在于”的意思。consist of不能使用被动形式,所以选项D也是错误的。

  60 D这个句子告诉读者,整个工程预计花费(cost)约32亿欧元。B和C与句意不符。选项A 中的spend的意思是:to pay out(money)(花钱),一般用作及物动词,如:He spent 5 yuan on the book.而cost作为动词的用法一般是:The book costs him 5 yuan.The book costs 5 yuan.动词cost也没有被动态形式。

  61 B wide—band signal called the Public Regulated Service(PRS)叫做公共调控服务系统的宽带信号。called在此是过去分词作后置定语修饰wide—band signal。

  62 A句子的谓语动词have said决定了主语应该是人而不是物。B是单数名词,不能用在这里。

  63 B Clocks on board the satellite:在这架卫星上的钟表。这里的satellite特指前一句中的The first Galile0,所以使用了定冠词the。选项A、C和D的内容文中都没有出现过,所以是错的。

  64 D通篇文章谈的都是定位系统,所以,地面接收借助定位系统来定位,应选location。其他三个选项(speed、direction、distance)都不符合上下文所表达的意思。

  65 B从语法结构来看,只能选择B,因为be relayed前没有动词不定式的形态标记to。